Jul 26, 2021 • 9M

#1 Big Change, Better Decisions, HR Strategy, 55KEUR Financing, Negotiating Agreements with a Partnership Approach

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Ana Stoica
🎁Insights from my work across the globe 🎁 Leaders and entrepreneurs share their experience of working together.
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Diana is a successful entrepreneur from the Millennial generation, with 10 years of entrepreneurship and around 120 international awards, currently being the co-founder of a gamification company based in Europe and with worldwide projects.

She is the kind of person who you would assume that doesn’t need a coach. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and with high self-awareness. You might assume that she doesn’t need help, nevertheless, she has chosen to continuously invest in her personal and professional growth.

Diana says in our interview:

I strongly believe that for me to believe in myself, I need to see people believing in my potential and you surely delivered on that. Second, there were these points that I mentioned above, I had concrete results either in HR, financing or negotiating agreements.

Believing in Diana’s potential, meant for me to also have a curious and challenging mindset, raising thought-provoking questions and challenging assumptions, while creating a safe space for Diana to navigate business challenges and opportunities.