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My name is Ana Stoica and I am the founder at Meliora.

Meliora is Latin for “better”. “Semper ad meliora”, means ”always towards the pursuit of better”.

I have been in the quest to pursue better ways to support and challenge tech founders and leaders for more than 15 years in leadership and entrepreneurship roles.

Since pandemic, I have proudly coached founders and teams from 15+ countries exclusively online. During these conversations, I heard common themes for those looking to pursue better ways to grow their business and themselves. I decided to write on Meliora as a way to share the lessons learned during this journey.

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About Ana Stoica

I have been working with founders since 2007, mostly from European innovation ecosystems and several emerging markets.

During the 2009 recession, I started my own EU funding consulting company and delivered 9+ million EUR business plans. Throughout a period of 6 years of continuous activity in consulting, 2007-2013, I contributed to a portfolio of EU funded projects of 21+ million EUR, with a focus on financial and project management and digital solutions for various industries. To present, my expertise in the global tech startup ecosystem is also enriched by acting as an Expert Evaluator for the European Commission and other international bodies.

As an employee, I worked directly with founders as part of the leadership team. As a leader in challenging times, the first year of Romania as a member of the EU and the beginning of the financial crisis, 2007, I was a key driver for the launch and development of business operations of an international consulting company on the Romanian market, especially through building the team of consultants, which I led to achieving 100% success rate of EU funded projects and the B2B clients portfolio through IT&C and HR partnerships. As a COO of an ecommerce startup, I contributed to the development of operations in 6 business areas and I am most proud of building the first HR team and operating model, driving the multiplication by five (5) of company employees number in 5 years of a tight labour market.

Today I am working with tech founders who are looking to launch and scale, supporting teams to develop the critical skills needed to build better businesses, to get ready to raise investment, and to thrive on challenges from one growth stage to another. I add value with my 20-year career in business, management and entrepreneurship, multinationals and startups, through which I gain a proper understanding of the pressures and reality of high-performing startups versus large corporations. I also bring my passion for coaching people to grow the business and themselves and a strong portfolio of education in finance and HR. As of 2007 most of my work is focused on the IT sector, my current partnerships are with research and innovation organisations. I partner with founders for the development of business operations and co-creation of effective business plans and people solutions. I have a particular focus on the role of leadership in facilitating innovation and developing innovation management capabilities. I coach and mentor employees to (re)discover their hidden talents and improve how they interact and influence the environment in which they work.

Looking forward to connecting and learning more about you and your business. Feel free to say hello and schedule a meeting to introduce each other and share more about what you want to read more in the Meliora newsletter.

Get in touch with me through my social media profiles: Linkedin, Twitter.

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Since pandemic, proudly serving tech founders and teams from 20+ countries exclusively online. My interests range from entrepreneurship to innovation and education.